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What makes your heartbeat?

February is a special month for many reasons. It is the celebration of black history, the celebration of Valentine and we all look forward to the ever-famous February 2, ground hog day.  Inquiring minds want to know does he see his shadow?  Where do we get this excitement to celebrate?  We use the term “heart” to represent a person’s success, their strength, their honor. Can the excitement of events bring about a happy heart? Can we look forward to things so much that the thrill and hope keep our blood flowing? What makes your heart beat? For me it is my family. They are fun loving, challenging, hard-working, a bit goofy, but amazing people. To think of them, to hope for them to have excellent days I think keeps my heart strong. I find hoping for others, seeing others dreams seems to add to my days. Each day though challenges can be there, my days are full of peace and joy just by engaging with a wide variety of people. Find what makes your days rich and full of completion, then check and see just how truly strong your heart is. This is important, because not all people have a strong heart and for those that might have medical issues, we want to stay prepared by having a strong knowledge base of how to help someone else in need. Keep your skills sharp, because as much as hope can strengthen your heart, tragedy can damage it. Why not make February a very successful month and take a CPR class so that when you are needed you are prepared to be at your best in order to help anyone person. 

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