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Survey Says

This blog will be continually updated with all the surveys that our students are required to fill out at the end of class. All of the answers will be word for word to the best of our ability, unless there is foul language. Any foul words will be blacked out other than that all of it will be verbatim.

The questions are as follows.

1) What did you think about the work book you were given?

2) What did you think about the videos you saw?

3) Would you recommend your instructor for future courses? Why?

4) What else can you tell us about your course? Did the training meet your needs?

08 March 2020

1) Informative, helpful.

2) Current, helpful.

3) Knowledgeable, relates well.

4) Helpful. I learned things I didn’t know before.

08 March 2020

1) I think it will help me understand more.

2) I visually learn so it helped me see.

3) Because she explained things in detail.

4) This training did meet my needs and this course was very useful.

08 March 2020

1) Informative, well written, nice photos.

2) Nice Documentation.



08 March 2020

1) We didn’t really use it.

2) Were very informative.

3) She was very nice and helped me learn.

4) Yes, I was certified , and learned.

08 March 2020

1) Very informative and helpful for refering.

2) Helpful and visual for a realistic perspective on these situations.

3) She’s fun and delivers info very well.

4) The training did meet my needs, I understood all the info and preformed CPR on dummies well!

15 February 2020

1) I feel it will be very useful especially if I need a refresher.

2) They were simple clear and concise.

3) She was kind and well informed. I felt the information was explained really well.

4) She did a wonderful job, yes it met all needs even exceeding them 🙂

15 February 2020

1) I feel that the work book was an excellent resource tool.

2) Between the book and video, covered everything thoroughly.

3) Awesome, explained and made me feel confident to help when needed.

4) Yes

08 February 2020

1) I feel that the work book was an excellent resource tool.

2) The videos were very informative.

3) The instructor has a passion for the subject matter, thorough and professional.

4) Yes, the training exceeded my needs. I learned somethings that I didn’t and corrected a few things that I thought I knew.

08 February 2020

1) Large print and easy to follow

2) Clear and volume was good and very real.

3) Mayre is very knowledgeable in her field.

4) The training met all needs and then some.

10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Good, real scenes.

3) Friendly and a great teacher.


10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Great realistic scenarios.

3) Friendly kept class fun.

4) Very fun informative class.

10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Great


4) Yes ma’am

3 September 2019

1) It was good and thorough, easy to follow along with.

2) Good, much more realistic and applicable than ones I’ve seen in the past.

3) Thorough, great style of teaching and practice before actually watching the videos.

4) Yes, easy to understand, great real life examples, gave me lots more confidence.

9 August 2019

1) Liked that it was updated.

2) It’s a video.

3) Good information, not boring.

4) Yes, its been a long time good information again not boring.

9 August 2019

1) Lots of helpful info inside.

2) Good info and diagrams/examples.

3) Very informative with lots of extra knowledge.

4) Yes my needs were meat in a timely fashion.

20 June 2019

1) It was very helpful.

2) It was nice because we could pause and discuss.

3) Because she is awesome with new information and experience.

4) It was a great refresher! It met all my needs!

20 June 2019

1) Good.

2) Good.

3) Made the course fun and interactive.


19 April 2019

1) Good

2) Good


4) Yes.

19 April 2019

1) Informative to take home with me.

2) Very informative, easy to follow. Real life scenarios.

3) Respectful , easy to work with and talk to. Very Professional.

4) The course met all my needs. I feel comfortable with my concerns.

30 March 2019

1) Nice to be able to follow along with the videos and refer back to.

2) It helped to be able to see demonstrations in realistic scenarios.

3) She understands the work we do and is able to give helpful suggestions.

4) It helped to understand different scenarios and the differences between several health emergencies.

30 March 2019

1) Wonderful. Informative, flowed very well with video training and hands on training tools.

2) Great. Best one yet, up to date

3) She cares about what she is teaching. Not rushing in any way. The flow of the training was perfect.

4) Yes, I learned a lot of new facts.

23 March 2019

1) The workbook is very comprehensive, I was able to follow it along with the instructor.

2) The video was well-made and informative.

3) She is very calm and informative and knowledgeable.

4) I feel much more confident that I will be prepared if I’m ever in an emergency situation.

23 March 2019

1) Good photo examples.

2) Excellent!

3) Informative, good real life examples, fun!

4) Learned a lot and refreshed on many things.

20 March 2019


2) Good. I liked the pausing, I got more from the discussions.

3) Knowledge and applicable experience. Passionate to teach.


20 March 2019


2) Very good.

3) Very informative, makes it interesting.


20 March 2019

1) Great

2) Ok

3) Informative

4) Everything good.

20 March 2019

1) It sees to have adequate and updated information.

2) They wee well portrayed and laid out.

3) Our instructor was very passionate, demonstrated excellent teaching techniques, and was very knowledgeable.

4) As an active adult these courses are very helpful with scenarios that I may encounter some day.

16 March 2019

1) It helps a lot.

2) Gave important and was very detailed.

3) She explained everything well, made it fun, and answered all my questions.

4) Everything went well! Yes it did me all of our needs.

16 March 2019

1) The book explains everything.

2) The video was fun and explains with good detail.

3) Because she explains everything and gives us examples.

4) Yes, she did meet everything.

10 March 2019

1) Great information.

2) Very informative.

3) Very thorough exclamations, wide range of information.

4) awesome course!

9 March 2019

1) Workbook appears well written and easily understood.

2) Relative and well done.

3) Very knowledgeable and articulate.

4) Training actually exceeded my needs was well presented.

9 March 2019

1) Very informative.

2) Current and relevant.

3) Knows the topic and his life stories that are related to the course.

4) Course it was one of the best I had taken in 30 years.

9 March 2019

1) Looks great.

2) Very informative.

3) Well spoken, informative, personable.

4) Great course.

9 March 2019

1) Good for review.

2) Helpful to reinforce.

3) Solid emphasis or primary points. Great for answering questions.

4) Yes.

9 March 2019

1) Didn’t use the workbook much, maybe go along and book more.

2) Very helpful.

3) Very good examples p, good ways to remember, repeat questions.

4) Very good and yes.

9 March 2019

1) Very good, great illustrations and pictures.

2) Brief, almost too short in some cases. But good quality videos well done.

3) Thorough, very knowledgeable, fun instructor has experience, real life stories that are great teaching tools.

4) Should use markers for written board.

9 March 2019

1) I wish there were more open ended questions/activities in the book.

2) Pretty cheesy, but the illustrations that show what’s inside is very helpful.

3) The instructor is very passionate, and the whole team gives little stories about personal experiences.

4) I think the course should be allotted more time. I felt like we were rushed toward the end.

2 January 2019

1) It is a good book it will be good to go over.

2) Very straightforward.

3) Very personable. Informative.

4) Yes it did I would be comfortable using AED in a situation.

2 January 2019

1) Good illustrations.

2) Shows good examples.

3) She is knowledgeable and friendly makes you feel comfortable.

4) Yes good tips.

12 December 2018

1) Informative.

2) Good to show real life events that can happen. Informative.

3) One on one, answered all my questions.

4) Informative, yes.

3 November 2018

1) Very comprehensive.

2) Helpful.

3) She was great! Made the class interesting and shared many personal stories.

4) Absolutely!

3 November 2018

1) They are super helpful and great to be able to keep.

2) They were super helpful and easy to understand.

3) She is absolutely wonderful and so fun.

4) Yes they did meet my needs.

18 October 2018



3) She is easy-going and fun to have a class. She makes it easy to understand the info.

4) Only when she had to show us what to do.

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