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Springs Valley Care Center

Our team had the honor of teaching BLS, Basic Life Support, for some of the nurses at Springs Valley Care Center. The class was a huge success and we look forward to working with the rest of the team and teaching more classes at their location. While at this location we witnessed some exceptional care. It was extremely evident that the workers cared about and respected the residents, as well as the residents loving and relying on the workers. The employees that we got the honor of teaching were already knowledgeable on the subject, however they were intent on getting high quality practice in order to ensure the best care for their residents.

We also got to view the facility and see some of the areas designated for the residents. One of the high points was the huge bird cage. It was beautiful, enormous and housed many little finches. All in all I truly believe the facility and the employees of Springs Valley Care Center are exceptional in many ways.

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