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May Newsletter

Thought of the Month: PREPAREDNESS
What disaster are you most afraid of? Are you prepared for if it may happen? There are many aspects to being prepared. 

First, you have to know what your area and family are prone to. For example: in the mountains of Colorado you need to be more prepared for freezing, while in the deserts of Arizona you need to be more prepared for heat injuries.

Second, educate yourself. There are many classes you can take to prepare yourself for various emergencies. For example: CPR and First Aid can prepare you for medical emergencies. 

Lastly, you need to be aware and you need to prepare some kits. At minimum you should have a first aid kit and an emergency kit in your car.

If you have any questions on where to get started we have a class called Awareness. This is an introductory class on how to be prepared for various emergencies. The class will help you not only be prepared for emergencies but it will also cultivate the attitude and mindset that could one day save your life.

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