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March The Month Of Skills

March The Month Of Skills
Good Morning and welcome to the beginning of March and the beginning of Spring. During this month of March we are emphasizing Skills. We have an article on the importance of practicing your skills and why we train the way that we do. Enjoy your month and enjoy practicing and perfecting your skills.

News For March

Website Launch
 Great news, we have launched our website. Please visit, explore and sign up for classes. Receive 10% discount if you schedule your class through the site.

Medical Administration Class Update
We are currently in the process of writing the curriculum for the Medical Administration class. Once the curriculum is completed and the state approves of the class we should be able to launch the class for all who need the certification. The projected time-frame for launching the class is mid to late spring.

Important Dates
March 10 – Day Light Savings
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
March 20 – First day of spring Skills

Are you as proficient in your CPR skills as is necessary? How do you know? When you train and develop skills you want to know that when the situation arrives you will be able to do what you need to do and not be questioning if you are good enough. Some of the ways to ensure that you wont freeze in the time of need is to practice regularly. When you practice often the skills transfer from head knowledge to muscle memory. When skills have been transferred to muscle memory then you wont have to wonder if you are ready…you will know that you are prepared to help if the need ever arrives.

 One of the ways that Fundamental Medical helps you know if your skills are ready is every week we have open practice for CPR, First Aid and whatever else you want to practice. Skills practice is every Monday at 10:00 and its only $5.00

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