Let’s Seminar

Let’s Seminar

AIC Fundamental Medical Training is a Colorado company that offers a wide range of Let’s Seminar Courses, meeting the qualifications of Colorado’s continued education for daycare facilities. 

We offer Let’s Seminar courses twice a week. If you are unable to have your child/children attend either of the courses we can schedule one to fit your needs. Do not fail to ask us to work with your schedule.

Courses Offered (each course is 2 hours)

Let’s Talk – Children learn the basics of sign language in a fun and interactive way. With Let’s Talk, kids will not only learn about the world around them through the use of visual animations, but they’ll also be teaching themselves how to communicate with one another.

Let’s Eat– An interactive experience for children during the daycare day. Powered by animated characters and stories, with Let’s Eat children will learn how to prepare nutritious snacks and meals for themselves at home. It’s never too early to be mindful of what you eat!

Let’s Move– Young children learn without even trying to. They’re masters of exploration. Let’s Move is a new and innovative way for children to play, learn, and improve their health. We promote creativity without the screens that have become so common in our daily lives.

Let’s Play– Playing is always great, especially when you can create something new. This seminar teaches kids how to explore their imagination and have fun doing it. With Let’s Play, creativity and curiosity will never be more accessible and rewarding than they are right now.

Let’s Tell a Story– Bring your children’s imagination to life with Let’s Tell A Story! It’s the perfect activity for reading time. An older child will read one of our delightful stories while the younger children act out their interpretation of the story.

Course Schedule

Mondays and Saturdays at 9:30 AM.

We can also schedule a time that works best for your facility.