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We all have one thing in common, as of March one year ago all our lives changed. From how we do things, to many new ideas, and most of it because of Covid-19. A virus that is very concerning. March one year later, events and business are beginning to return to what once was. Things feels uncertain, people are wondering how to return to old ways of doing things. Some are not sure it is safe to return, they just over all are not sure. I like knowledge, I like to learn. Why not consider something new? Maybe, blend new things with old things. If you blend things together, would it build a new fresh feeling of comfort? Maybe like a new years resolution, think of things that are very important to you, prioritize them and start completing them one at a time. See what you come up with at the end of the year.

With the virus causing such a wide range of issues, the knowledge of CPR/AED and first aid can provide a assurance that you can help. Standard precautions (also known as blood born pathogens) is another excellent choice to empower yourself with knowledge that if something occurred and you were there, you can assist with the basic needs. Here at AIC-Fundamental Medical Training, not only do we provide training of these classes for adults, we also have a program (Medic Jr.) that can empower children with confidence as well. Though things change, they become hard, they go up and down, we can slow the frustration by doing something different. Go for a walk, a hike, even a short drive to just listen to the music. We had to spend so much time inside, that the time for outside is here. Something fresh something new. I hope today is a better day for everyone. May today be the best day ever.

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