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childcare centers with great care

Colorado Springs has many childcare centers. They come with a wide variety of personalities. Some focus on formal activities for the children, some are about art, others focus sports, and some are a mixture. What we as parents want all that and more. We want these mixtures of child cares to come with special qualities. We want to find, loving authorities, patient workers, providers that have a goals in mind for what each individual child would like to do. We want the teachers to know each child, what the child needs and have a plan how to bring out the best in the children as a group as well as bringing out the best in each child as an individual. We want the teachers to be invested in their days, be present with the children and not allow their work to become just another job, because each child is not just another job. They are an individual. We want the qualities of the staff to make and impact on each and every child there. When we leave our children it is very difficult to walk away sometimes, because of just not being sure. What makes us sure to leave our children? I don’t believe it is the high quality of items in the day care, or all the activities they might get to do. What makes us able to leave our child at a child center is the quality of the people that are there. I have found a place I believe possess such qualities. That is Golden Mountain Montessori. It is a preschool ran by a director her name is Lori Stineman. What does this lady possess. The first thing that I noticed is she cares about her staff. I have had the privilege of seeing how the team of this school interact with each other outside of work. They are kind, they listen to each other, and assist each other. I don’t believe you can put on a smooth operation of engaging with each other if it is not how you work together. I have not seen how they work with a large group of children, but I have seen how they treat each other and that is a large part of a great team. I have been to many centers where the team does not have nice things to say about their director or the other teachers in the center. To me that does not set the pace for peace and comfort for children. The director at Golden Mountain Montessori is kind, sharing, and attentive to those around her. If you have children that are in need of a preschool, and you either live on south west side of the Springs, or you don’t mind the travel, go check our this center the staff that I have met posses the qualities that you want to impact your children. Lori Stinemen is the director 306 Brookside St Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905


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