What makes your heartbeat?

February is a special month for many reasons. It is the celebration of black history, the celebration of Valentine and we all look forward to the ever-famous February 2, ground hog day.  Inquiring minds want to know does he see his shadow?  Where do we get this excitement to celebrate?  We use the term “heart” to represent a person’s success, their strength,Continue reading “What makes your heartbeat?”

Springs Valley Care Center

Our team had the honor of teaching BLS, Basic Life Support, for some of the nurses at Springs Valley Care Center. The class was a huge success and we look forward to working with the rest of the team and teaching more classes at their location. While at this location we witnessed some exceptional care.Continue reading “Springs Valley Care Center”

Survey Says

This blog will be continually updated with all the surveys that our students are required to fill out at the end of class. All of the answers will be word for word to the best of our ability, unless there is foul language. Any foul words will be blacked out other than that all ofContinue reading “Survey Says”

April Newsletter

Thought of the Month: LIFE What determines life? Some people say a heartbeat some people say a spirit and some say brain activity. I am not here to tell you what life is… but instead I am here to tell you how and why we try to always be prepared to save a life. ThereContinue reading “April Newsletter”