Fresh and New

We all have one thing in common, as of March one year ago all our lives changed. From how we do things, to many new ideas, and most of it because of Covid-19. A virus that is very concerning. March one year later, events and business are beginning to return to what once was. Things feels uncertain, people are wondering how to return to old ways of doing things. Some are not sure it is safe to return, they just over all are not sure. I like knowledge, I like to learn. Why not consider something new? Maybe, blend new things with old things. If you blend things together, would it build a new fresh feeling of comfort? Maybe like a new years resolution, think of things that are very important to you, prioritize them and start completing them one at a time. See what you come up with at the end of the year.

With the virus causing such a wide range of issues, the knowledge of CPR/AED and first aid can provide a assurance that you can help. Standard precautions (also known as blood born pathogens) is another excellent choice to empower yourself with knowledge that if something occurred and you were there, you can assist with the basic needs. Here at AIC-Fundamental Medical Training, not only do we provide training of these classes for adults, we also have a program (Medic Jr.) that can empower children with confidence as well. Though things change, they become hard, they go up and down, we can slow the frustration by doing something different. Go for a walk, a hike, even a short drive to just listen to the music. We had to spend so much time inside, that the time for outside is here. Something fresh something new. I hope today is a better day for everyone. May today be the best day ever.

What makes your heartbeat?

February is a special month for many reasons. It is the celebration of black history, the celebration of Valentine and we all look forward to the ever-famous February 2, ground hog day.  Inquiring minds want to know does he see his shadow?  Where do we get this excitement to celebrate?  We use the term “heart” to represent a person’s success, their strength, their honor. Can the excitement of events bring about a happy heart? Can we look forward to things so much that the thrill and hope keep our blood flowing? What makes your heart beat? For me it is my family. They are fun loving, challenging, hard-working, a bit goofy, but amazing people. To think of them, to hope for them to have excellent days I think keeps my heart strong. I find hoping for others, seeing others dreams seems to add to my days. Each day though challenges can be there, my days are full of peace and joy just by engaging with a wide variety of people. Find what makes your days rich and full of completion, then check and see just how truly strong your heart is. This is important, because not all people have a strong heart and for those that might have medical issues, we want to stay prepared by having a strong knowledge base of how to help someone else in need. Keep your skills sharp, because as much as hope can strengthen your heart, tragedy can damage it. Why not make February a very successful month and take a CPR class so that when you are needed you are prepared to be at your best in order to help anyone person. 

2021 is here

We have had a long year with many challenges. New rules and guide lines. New ideas of the way we are to complete many tasks. Many business have closed due to these changes. I think if we want to we can take these challenging things and bring the knowledge we have gained into the year 2021 and make it an amazing year. Many things have been learned, but there is room to learn more. We offer here at AIC-Fundamental Medical Training many classes. You may already know CPR, that is wonderful it would mean you would be an asset to the class. There are new standards set by ILCOR that we will be providing in spring. Don’t let challenges stop you from taking on new things and ideas. Come and let us learn together. Let us learn from you and let us share our knowledge. One moment at a time we can make our days better.

Let us talk to your children

First and last in all situations DON’T PANIC

Each day we wake up and we keep hearing about more closing due to the decisions that are being made by the leaders. Our leaders are attempting to make decisions for all of the US citizens, trying to keep all of us safe. With that it can become overwhelming for us, can you imagine how a child might feel? We have classes that are geared to empower children what to do in challenging situations. Our mission statement is, “We want to inspire hope in the worst of situations.” We want to bring simple ideas to make them feel like all can be OK. If we focus on five techniques we can be taking care of each other and taking care of our home.

1.) Wash hands with soapy water, rinse well and do it often.

2.) If you need to cough, cough into your elbow.

3.) Don’t touch your face.

4.) Keep space between each other about the distance of a school desk.

5.) If they feel sick tell your parents or authorities right away so they can get you home.

Another thought I would like to ask for us to all think about please. Many many people either make a menu and shop accordingly, or they just plan to purchase food every week or every two weeks. They are not set up to be able to purchase larger quantities of items. They either do not have the space, or the resources to stock their home. My thought is if we have adequate supplies for our home, that we consider over stocking our home so those that shop by menu, or shop by week will have supplies available for them when it is time for them to go shopping. It is important that we take good care of our families, and then good care of our communities. There are so many things we can do when it is important that we are mindful of our decisions, what we do, when we do it, and how we do it. Common thoughts, cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, wash our hands, stay in if sick, things our grandparents shared with us when we were young.

This virus is alive 3 hours in the air, 24 hours on cardboard, 3 days on plastic, wood, and stainless steel. With this knowledge we should wipe behind ourselves if we are around many people. Don’t shake hands right now, allow space between each other These simple things can make a very big difference. If you would like to gain more knowledge about blood borne pathogen training, please give us a call so we can come out and lift your children up and encourage them that even a child can make a difference.

childcare centers with great care

Colorado Springs has many childcare centers. They come with a wide variety of personalities. Some focus on formal activities for the children, some are about art, others focus sports, and some are a mixture. What we as parents want all that and more. We want these mixtures of child cares to come with special qualities. We want to find, loving authorities, patient workers, providers that have a goals in mind for what each individual child would like to do. We want the teachers to know each child, what the child needs and have a plan how to bring out the best in the children as a group as well as bringing out the best in each child as an individual. We want the teachers to be invested in their days, be present with the children and not allow their work to become just another job, because each child is not just another job. They are an individual. We want the qualities of the staff to make and impact on each and every child there. When we leave our children it is very difficult to walk away sometimes, because of just not being sure. What makes us sure to leave our children? I don’t believe it is the high quality of items in the day care, or all the activities they might get to do. What makes us able to leave our child at a child center is the quality of the people that are there. I have found a place I believe possess such qualities. That is Golden Mountain Montessori. It is a preschool ran by a director her name is Lori Stineman. What does this lady possess. The first thing that I noticed is she cares about her staff. I have had the privilege of seeing how the team of this school interact with each other outside of work. They are kind, they listen to each other, and assist each other. I don’t believe you can put on a smooth operation of engaging with each other if it is not how you work together. I have not seen how they work with a large group of children, but I have seen how they treat each other and that is a large part of a great team. I have been to many centers where the team does not have nice things to say about their director or the other teachers in the center. To me that does not set the pace for peace and comfort for children. The director at Golden Mountain Montessori is kind, sharing, and attentive to those around her. If you have children that are in need of a preschool, and you either live on south west side of the Springs, or you don’t mind the travel, go check our this center the staff that I have met posses the qualities that you want to impact your children. Lori Stinemen is the director 306 Brookside St Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905


We can make a difference!!

We have two wonderful holidays coming up that is widely known as well as many others from different cultures. These holidays can bring about many emotions from extreme happiness to extreme sadness. If we look at the traditions of my family, one tradition each we do is set an extra place setting . Why do we do this? We do this for symbolism. It is the hope that if anyone needs a place to share a dinner. it is our hopes that we will be the one that can open the door for them. On Christmas my husband’s family are the most amazing people ever. They do not get caught in the idea of who can buy the biggest best gift, they give with all their hearts and they think of what you could use. My mother-in-law would buy socks for all of us, and our family is not small. My husband came from a family of nine children. But she always managed to buy socks for us. Now who does not need new socks? I know I can always use a pair of socks. My mother-in-law would get things the sisters could switch with as well as the brothers could things they could switch. Now that sh is not longer with us, my sister-in-law is keeping her mom alive by following in the same tradition. What does any of this have to do with CPR/AED and First Aid? The simplest of things can make a very large difference. It is not the tradition that has any value but that it is there every year, we look forward to it, we count on it, we hope for it. Simple things are very import and and just knowing basic skills of how to assist someone can make all the difference in the world. If you are confident that you can help someone you are much more likely to try. If you see someone in need and you know what to do, you can make all the difference in their next few moments or possibly their life. I have found that there are two reasons that most people do not stop for a wreck. 1.) The are a afraid of getting sued, in the state of Colorado there is a law called the “Good Samaritan law”. This is here to help kind people that just wants to do the right thing. 2.) People are afraid of making something worse. “What if I hurt them, or make it worse”? “What if I can’t remember”? As well as many other questions of doubt. If you set yourself u for the simplest of things, basic CPR and basic first aid, you can make all the difference in the world. You could even save someone’s life. This year 2019 we want to make a difference, we are offering two discounts, for Thanksgiving if you sign up and pay before 12/01/2019 you can receive a 15% discount, just tell the scheduler Happy Thanksgiving. If you are busy but really would like to get your class taken before the end of the year if you call and schedule a class from 12/01/2019-12/31/2019 and tell the scheduler Merry Christmas you will receive a 20% discount. The last point I want to share about scheduling before the end of the year is if you set up the class you can receive $5.00 off for every person you get to come to your class all the way down to zero. Yes, you can get your class at no charge depending on how many people you can enroll in your class, or a different class before the end of the year. They may not be available to attend your class but you are the person that invited the, you will still get the credit for that person if they attend before the end of the year. I am very excited to meet all of you in the up coming classes. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Springs Valley Care Center

Our team had the honor of teaching BLS, Basic Life Support, for some of the nurses at Springs Valley Care Center. The class was a huge success and we look forward to working with the rest of the team and teaching more classes at their location. While at this location we witnessed some exceptional care. It was extremely evident that the workers cared about and respected the residents, as well as the residents loving and relying on the workers. The employees that we got the honor of teaching were already knowledgeable on the subject, however they were intent on getting high quality practice in order to ensure the best care for their residents.

We also got to view the facility and see some of the areas designated for the residents. One of the high points was the huge bird cage. It was beautiful, enormous and housed many little finches. All in all I truly believe the facility and the employees of Springs Valley Care Center are exceptional in many ways.

Survey Says

This blog will be continually updated with all the surveys that our students are required to fill out at the end of class. All of the answers will be word for word to the best of our ability, unless there is foul language. Any foul words will be blacked out other than that all of it will be verbatim.

The questions are as follows.

1) What did you think about the work book you were given?

2) What did you think about the videos you saw?

3) Would you recommend your instructor for future courses? Why?

4) What else can you tell us about your course? Did the training meet your needs?

08 March 2020

1) Informative, helpful.

2) Current, helpful.

3) Knowledgeable, relates well.

4) Helpful. I learned things I didn’t know before.

08 March 2020

1) I think it will help me understand more.

2) I visually learn so it helped me see.

3) Because she explained things in detail.

4) This training did meet my needs and this course was very useful.

08 March 2020

1) Informative, well written, nice photos.

2) Nice Documentation.



08 March 2020

1) We didn’t really use it.

2) Were very informative.

3) She was very nice and helped me learn.

4) Yes, I was certified , and learned.

08 March 2020

1) Very informative and helpful for refering.

2) Helpful and visual for a realistic perspective on these situations.

3) She’s fun and delivers info very well.

4) The training did meet my needs, I understood all the info and preformed CPR on dummies well!

15 February 2020

1) I feel it will be very useful especially if I need a refresher.

2) They were simple clear and concise.

3) She was kind and well informed. I felt the information was explained really well.

4) She did a wonderful job, yes it met all needs even exceeding them 🙂

15 February 2020

1) I feel that the work book was an excellent resource tool.

2) Between the book and video, covered everything thoroughly.

3) Awesome, explained and made me feel confident to help when needed.

4) Yes

08 February 2020

1) I feel that the work book was an excellent resource tool.

2) The videos were very informative.

3) The instructor has a passion for the subject matter, thorough and professional.

4) Yes, the training exceeded my needs. I learned somethings that I didn’t and corrected a few things that I thought I knew.

08 February 2020

1) Large print and easy to follow

2) Clear and volume was good and very real.

3) Mayre is very knowledgeable in her field.

4) The training met all needs and then some.

10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Good, real scenes.

3) Friendly and a great teacher.


10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Great realistic scenarios.

3) Friendly kept class fun.

4) Very fun informative class.

10 September 2019

1) Great

2) Great


4) Yes ma’am

3 September 2019

1) It was good and thorough, easy to follow along with.

2) Good, much more realistic and applicable than ones I’ve seen in the past.

3) Thorough, great style of teaching and practice before actually watching the videos.

4) Yes, easy to understand, great real life examples, gave me lots more confidence.

9 August 2019

1) Liked that it was updated.

2) It’s a video.

3) Good information, not boring.

4) Yes, its been a long time good information again not boring.

9 August 2019

1) Lots of helpful info inside.

2) Good info and diagrams/examples.

3) Very informative with lots of extra knowledge.

4) Yes my needs were meat in a timely fashion.

20 June 2019

1) It was very helpful.

2) It was nice because we could pause and discuss.

3) Because she is awesome with new information and experience.

4) It was a great refresher! It met all my needs!

20 June 2019

1) Good.

2) Good.

3) Made the course fun and interactive.


19 April 2019

1) Good

2) Good


4) Yes.

19 April 2019

1) Informative to take home with me.

2) Very informative, easy to follow. Real life scenarios.

3) Respectful , easy to work with and talk to. Very Professional.

4) The course met all my needs. I feel comfortable with my concerns.

30 March 2019

1) Nice to be able to follow along with the videos and refer back to.

2) It helped to be able to see demonstrations in realistic scenarios.

3) She understands the work we do and is able to give helpful suggestions.

4) It helped to understand different scenarios and the differences between several health emergencies.

30 March 2019

1) Wonderful. Informative, flowed very well with video training and hands on training tools.

2) Great. Best one yet, up to date

3) She cares about what she is teaching. Not rushing in any way. The flow of the training was perfect.

4) Yes, I learned a lot of new facts.

23 March 2019

1) The workbook is very comprehensive, I was able to follow it along with the instructor.

2) The video was well-made and informative.

3) She is very calm and informative and knowledgeable.

4) I feel much more confident that I will be prepared if I’m ever in an emergency situation.

23 March 2019

1) Good photo examples.

2) Excellent!

3) Informative, good real life examples, fun!

4) Learned a lot and refreshed on many things.

20 March 2019


2) Good. I liked the pausing, I got more from the discussions.

3) Knowledge and applicable experience. Passionate to teach.


20 March 2019


2) Very good.

3) Very informative, makes it interesting.


20 March 2019

1) Great

2) Ok

3) Informative

4) Everything good.

20 March 2019

1) It sees to have adequate and updated information.

2) They wee well portrayed and laid out.

3) Our instructor was very passionate, demonstrated excellent teaching techniques, and was very knowledgeable.

4) As an active adult these courses are very helpful with scenarios that I may encounter some day.

16 March 2019

1) It helps a lot.

2) Gave important and was very detailed.

3) She explained everything well, made it fun, and answered all my questions.

4) Everything went well! Yes it did me all of our needs.

16 March 2019

1) The book explains everything.

2) The video was fun and explains with good detail.

3) Because she explains everything and gives us examples.

4) Yes, she did meet everything.

10 March 2019

1) Great information.

2) Very informative.

3) Very thorough exclamations, wide range of information.

4) awesome course!

9 March 2019

1) Workbook appears well written and easily understood.

2) Relative and well done.

3) Very knowledgeable and articulate.

4) Training actually exceeded my needs was well presented.

9 March 2019

1) Very informative.

2) Current and relevant.

3) Knows the topic and his life stories that are related to the course.

4) Course it was one of the best I had taken in 30 years.

9 March 2019

1) Looks great.

2) Very informative.

3) Well spoken, informative, personable.

4) Great course.

9 March 2019

1) Good for review.

2) Helpful to reinforce.

3) Solid emphasis or primary points. Great for answering questions.

4) Yes.

9 March 2019

1) Didn’t use the workbook much, maybe go along and book more.

2) Very helpful.

3) Very good examples p, good ways to remember, repeat questions.

4) Very good and yes.

9 March 2019

1) Very good, great illustrations and pictures.

2) Brief, almost too short in some cases. But good quality videos well done.

3) Thorough, very knowledgeable, fun instructor has experience, real life stories that are great teaching tools.

4) Should use markers for written board.

9 March 2019

1) I wish there were more open ended questions/activities in the book.

2) Pretty cheesy, but the illustrations that show what’s inside is very helpful.

3) The instructor is very passionate, and the whole team gives little stories about personal experiences.

4) I think the course should be allotted more time. I felt like we were rushed toward the end.

2 January 2019

1) It is a good book it will be good to go over.

2) Very straightforward.

3) Very personable. Informative.

4) Yes it did I would be comfortable using AED in a situation.

2 January 2019

1) Good illustrations.

2) Shows good examples.

3) She is knowledgeable and friendly makes you feel comfortable.

4) Yes good tips.

12 December 2018

1) Informative.

2) Good to show real life events that can happen. Informative.

3) One on one, answered all my questions.

4) Informative, yes.

3 November 2018

1) Very comprehensive.

2) Helpful.

3) She was great! Made the class interesting and shared many personal stories.

4) Absolutely!

3 November 2018

1) They are super helpful and great to be able to keep.

2) They were super helpful and easy to understand.

3) She is absolutely wonderful and so fun.

4) Yes they did meet my needs.

18 October 2018



3) She is easy-going and fun to have a class. She makes it easy to understand the info.

4) Only when she had to show us what to do.

May Newsletter

Thought of the Month: PREPAREDNESS
What disaster are you most afraid of? Are you prepared for if it may happen? There are many aspects to being prepared. 

First, you have to know what your area and family are prone to. For example: in the mountains of Colorado you need to be more prepared for freezing, while in the deserts of Arizona you need to be more prepared for heat injuries.

Second, educate yourself. There are many classes you can take to prepare yourself for various emergencies. For example: CPR and First Aid can prepare you for medical emergencies. 

Lastly, you need to be aware and you need to prepare some kits. At minimum you should have a first aid kit and an emergency kit in your car.

If you have any questions on where to get started we have a class called Awareness. This is an introductory class on how to be prepared for various emergencies. The class will help you not only be prepared for emergencies but it will also cultivate the attitude and mindset that could one day save your life.

April Newsletter

Thought of the Month: LIFE
What determines life? Some people say a heartbeat some people say a spirit and some say brain activity. I am not here to tell you what life is… but instead I am here to tell you how and why we try to always be prepared to save a life. There are two common situations when in emergency requiring CPR arises. The best case scenario is when a person goes down and there is a bystander who knows what to do and knows how to get the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and begin CPR. The second scenario is when our bystander can start CPR however they cannot locate an AED. Why do I choose these two scenarios? The presence of the AED. What does this make such a big difference? According to Dr. Myron Weisfeldt and AED could double the chance of survival. The biggest point that I want you to leave with today is that no matter when you think a life begins with education and training even you can help prevent the life from ending.

To read more about this click here

News For April

Medical Administration Class Update:
We have finishes writing the curriculum for the Medical Administration class. We are sending the curriculum to the state to be approved on the 5th of April. The projected time-frame for launching the class is still mid to late spring depending on the approval process.

Awareness Class Curriculum:
We have published our curriculum and are awaiting the arrival of the books. The class is about 2 hours, and is on the basics of survival and common sense. It is geared toward your teenagers who are going to need to know how to survive on their own.