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April Newsletter

Thought of the Month: LIFE
What determines life? Some people say a heartbeat some people say a spirit and some say brain activity. I am not here to tell you what life is… but instead I am here to tell you how and why we try to always be prepared to save a life. There are two common situations when in emergency requiring CPR arises. The best case scenario is when a person goes down and there is a bystander who knows what to do and knows how to get the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and begin CPR. The second scenario is when our bystander can start CPR however they cannot locate an AED. Why do I choose these two scenarios? The presence of the AED. What does this make such a big difference? According to Dr. Myron Weisfeldt and AED could double the chance of survival. The biggest point that I want you to leave with today is that no matter when you think a life begins with education and training even you can help prevent the life from ending.

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News For April

Medical Administration Class Update:
We have finishes writing the curriculum for the Medical Administration class. We are sending the curriculum to the state to be approved on the 5th of April. The projected time-frame for launching the class is still mid to late spring depending on the approval process.

Awareness Class Curriculum:
We have published our curriculum and are awaiting the arrival of the books. The class is about 2 hours, and is on the basics of survival and common sense. It is geared toward your teenagers who are going to need to know how to survive on their own.

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