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Fundamental Medical Training brings emergency education to our community. It is our vision to provide hope for participants to manage worse case scenarios with the best possible out come. Our desire is to inspire hope in the worst situations. The best way to do that is through training and education. It is our prayer at FMT that you never have to use the skills that we share. However if the need arises we want you to have faith in the skills you have worked so hard to gain.

If you would like consistent information on what we have going on, and our future classes please sign up for our monthly newsletter. You can do this by clicking here and putting “Newsletter” in the subject bar.

Visit us in person at our location, 4775 Barnes Rd, Unit J or call us at 901-569-5777 with any questions that you would like to have answered.

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Our current qualifications are as follows. 
Nationally Ranked Instructors Through EMS Safety
Approved Vendor Through Colorado Shines

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