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Colorado CPR Training

When a bad event happens, we want you to know what to do. AIC Fundamental Medical Training brings the latest information on how to react and protect yourself in a variety of situations, from a choking incident to a natural disaster. With our Colorado CPR Training we’ve got you covered with tips on how to manage time during an emergency, and more. And unlike other Colorado CPR Training, AIC Fundamental Medical Training is for all, from grandparents to yoga teachers – so that everyone can take care of their community.

It’s important to be aware and know what to do in life threatening situations. With so many injuries happening every day, it’s good to be prepared for any given scenario. Our AIC Fundamental Medical Training will teach you how to handle a variety of medical emergencies with our Colorado CPR Training so you can feel confident in your ability to help someone in need.

Knowing what to do and actually doing it can be two different things. Our Colorado CPR Training courses will teach you how to respond in the event of a medical emergency, and will prepare you for anything, from CPR and choking emergencies to bleeding and shock.

Get the life-saving Colorado CPR Training you need to confidently “FEEL IN CONTROL.” Our courses will teach you what to do in emergency situations, how to handle emergencies, and what not to do. And the best part is you can take it at your own pace!

AIC Fundamental Medical Training is a company that provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date Colorado CPR Training to people who just want to be prepared if needed. Our Colorado CPR Training instructors always keep up with the latest developments in the field of medicine and medical care.

Do you have a fear of blood? Do you worry that if you were the only person around when someone was in need, you wouldn’t know what to do? Colorado CPR Training is the answer. We specialize in this field. We offer courses for everything from CPR to first aid. Contact us today to get your questions answered or sign up for a Colorado CPR Training class, to be prepared, just in case.

Just a day of Colorado CPR Training will help you feel more confident in case of an emergency or refresh your knowledge on past CPR training so you will feel prepared when needed. It would not be a lack of knowledge on your part if you didn’t know what to do in the event of a situation requiring your assistance.

What if you could help people in need and feel good about it? AIC Fundamental Medical Training has been helping people train for emergency situations for many years. We teach you the basics so you can feel confident in your Colorado CPR Training when it matters the most.

The need for emergency medical providers is on the rise, with not enough healthcare workers, there may be delays in help arriving. How will you handle a gunshot victim, a person in cardiac arrest, or a car accident? Scared of needles and blood? We’ll teach you how to help when your neighbor is in need and help is delayed. Let us help prepare you with the Colorado CPR Training skills that could save a life.


Precision & Detail

We are certified medical instructors and provide Colorado CPR Training for those who need it. We specialize in CPR training, as well as medical training to daycare workers (approved by Colorado Shines). Our staff also includes an American Heart Instructor and a personal assistant to assist in the tasks that you may be unable to complete on your own due to physical limitations. 
  • CPR -100%
  • First Aid – 100%
  • AED Awareness – 100%
  • Medic JR – 100%
  • Self Defense – 100%
  • Let’s Seminar – 100%

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